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The Land of Israel is where it all began.
With over 5,000 years to chronicle, Israel is abundant with both ancient and modern history. Layers of civilizations have been unearthed in archaeological excavations throughout the country. The fascinating story of the birth of the modern State is evident wherever you go.


Everything you need to know about Reglions starts here.
Israel is the birthplace of the three main monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A visit to Israel invites you to explore these traditions and their roots at the source.


A visit to Israel is not only about history and religion.
The small state features an abundance of art, music, dance, food, wine, sports, cinema and theater. Enjoy a concert, visit a museum, explore a local crafts fair, taste the wine or simply people watch on a seaside promenade or the pedestrian malls found in each city.


Israel is a new society with ancient roots.
With immigrants from around the world, the people of Israel form a very unique population. Each of these peoples have contributed to the society, creating a “tossed salad” where everyone maintains their unique essence while influencing the flavor of the greater community. We invite you to meet these people and hear their stories.


It is also about the birds and the bees.
Located along the Syrian-African rift, Israel has a wealth of nature to explore. With over 500 kinds of birds, some 100 mammal and 90 reptile species, and nearly 3,000 plant types (150 of which are endemic to Israel) within its borders, Israel is a nature-lover’s paradise. Located on the migration paths north and south, Israel has become an internationally-known bird-watching center. Over 150 nature reserves and 65 national parks, encompassing nearly 400 square miles (about 1,000 sq. km), have been established throughout the country.


And, sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax.
From the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean to the stark desert of the Negev, from the rolling hills of the Galilee to the salty waters of the Dead Sea, from the nightlife of Tel Aviv to the variety of spa hotels, there is abundant fun to be had throughout the country.


Israel is a fascinating travel destination, rich in history, culture, religion and fun! Whatever your interests, Israel has an abundance of activity and information to offer year-round.
Our TRAVEX travel experts will help you make the most out of your Israel travel experience.

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Israel on the Map

Located on the western part of the Asian continent at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, the geography of Israel is quite interesting and diverse. There are the mountains in the North, desert in the south, a flat and fertile inland coastal plain and, of course, the Mediterranean coast to the west. The beaches in Israel offer a variety of four bodies of water, ranging from extra salty in the Dead Sea to the fresh water lake of the Sea of Galilee or Kinneret.


Did You Know?

Israel is the size of the state of New Jersey and 1/10 the size of the United Kingdom. You can drive from top to bottom in eight hours (if you don’t stop to see the amazing sites along the way).