Holy Sites - Sacred Spaces

Our customized Christian journeys bring the Bible to life. Visit the places you read about.
Walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Embrace the power of the holy sites in Galilee.
Touch the 2,000 year old stones of the Old City of Jerusalem.
Nourish your soul as you connect to the past and take your faith and
understanding to new heights.

Enjoy a taste of our exciting program enhancements:

Jordan River Baptism Service

The waters of the Jordan River are a source of spiritual cleansing, as they were in the time of John the Baptist and Jesus. Participate in your own Baptism ceremony, celebrating your traditions and reaffirming your faith.

Renewal of Wedding Vows

In the Lower Galilee, sits the church marking the site of the Wedding of Cana, where tradition holds that Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine. Renew your own wedding vows in this profound setting.

Private Prayer Services

Inspire your spirit while taking part in a private intimate Mass held at an ancient church in Jerusalem’s Old City or along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Share in a private communion at the Garden Tomb.

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