Israel. Up Close and Personal.

The Israeli spirit exudes creativity and diversity, reflected in all parts of daily life. Experience the essence of this energy with original programs that take you into the heart and soul of Israel.

Enjoy a taste of our enriching program enhancements:

Lifestyle Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the dynamic cultural hub of Israel. Let our specialists introduce you to the city from a different point of view. Explore the urban and underground art scene. Enjoy an after-dark pub crawl, rubbing elbows with the locals. Learn about the city through its constantly changing architecture. Sample a variety of sweets as east meets west on a hidden dessert tour.

Shuk & Cook

Your senses come to life in the open-air markets in Israel. As our culinary experts guide you through the bustling markets, hear the local tales and discover the regional produce and spices. Purchases in hand, the adventure continues in the kitchen as you learn to prepare local dishes and enjoy them together – with a nice glass of Israeli wine!

Creativity - Jewelry and Fashion

A multi-cultural, ever-changing perspective has given birth to Israel’s culture of creativity. Artists and designers – young and old – are taking jewelry and fashion in novel directions and to new heights. Meet the creatives and sense their unique spirit on a boutique-style tour.

Health & Wellness

Pamper your body and invigorate your spirit. Israel offers an abundance of options for relaxation and rejuvenation. Decompress with yoga on the beach. Indulge yourself with deluxe spa treatments. Unplug and enjoy the calm as you hike or bike off the beaten path.

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