Food & Wine

Tempting Your Senses

With a food culture as diverse as its people, the new Israeli kitchen fuses flavors and traditions while showcasing local ingredients and fantastic creativity. Well beyond the traditional felafel, Israel has emerged as a center for gourmet food and world class wines. From formal dining to street food, there are new delights to discover around every turn.

Enjoy a taste of our enriching program enhancements:

Market Tasting

Delight your senses with a visit to the colorful open-air markets of Israel. Let our culinary experts guide you through the markets, introducing you to a myriad of breads and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, cakes and coffees, spices and sweets. Meander through the alleyways, stopping at stalls to hear the stories and sample the wares of welcoming vendors.

Cooking Class

Roll up your sleeves, don an apron and discover local traditions and ethnic cuisines by preparing them yourself. Sample a variety of spices and fresh local ingredients in chef kitchens or home kitchens, each offering a glimpse into local customs and a chance to sample delicious dishes.

Home Hospitality

There is no place like home. Connect with the people of Israel by breaking bread together with a family in their home. Share in a gourmet barbecue in Galilee. Sample Druze delicacies and hear their secret stories in a local village. Take part in a traditional Friday night Sabbath meal with a local Jerusalem family. Visit an Arab village and explore their customs and lifestyle.

Wineries and Distilleries

Raise your glass! With a wine-making tradition dating back to biblical times. Israel today is producing award-winning vintages. Vineyards from the Golan Heights to the Negev desert offer an amazing variety to be enjoyed. At our boutique wineries, unwind with the vintners and hear their stories while sampling their wines. Distillery visits and tastings can be arranged for beer or whiskey lovers, too!

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