Creative & Cool

New. Different. Exciting.

Complement the conventional with a myriad of cool and creative activities. Experience the vibe of Israel today as you venture off the beaten path with our TRAVEX Select customized encounters.

Enjoy a taste of our enriching program enhancements:

Innovation, Technology & Startup

Modern Israel offers an array of encounters with the Startup Nation. Learn about the breakthroughs being made every day – visit an innovation center, meet with founders and designers, visit a solar panel field or even sample the produce being grown in modern hydroponic farms.

Urban Adventures

The walls of urban neighborhoods have become the canvases to local Graffiti artists. Walk the streets with a private Graffiti specialist to discover the culture and social issues expressed in the local urban art and try your hand at this contemporary art form.

From Above

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the country with a helicopter ride over Jerusalem or Masada. As the sun rises, hover high above the Jezreel Valley in a hot air balloon, ending with a glass of champagne and gourmet picnic breakfast.

Secrets of the IDF

Our experts will provide an exclusive opportunity to experience life in the Israel Defense Forces. Dressed in your flight suit, hear stories from Israel Air Force pilots and experience the flight of an F-16 in the only simulator of its kind. Or set out into the field for a boots-on-the-ground virtual basic training experience. Why not try your hand at Krav Maga, the unique self-defence system developed for the Israel Defense Forces.

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