Jewish Heritage

Connecting to Your Roots

Your trip to Israel is transforming, a spiritually uplifting adventure offering a window into the glorious Jewish legacy of the past and contemporary Jewish life of the present. Bond with the mysteries of ancient history as you engage with the modern country, dedicated to building the future.

Enjoy a taste of our enriching program enhancements:

Hands-on Activities

Share in a collection of activities that invite you to be part of the story. Roll up your sleeves and bake Hallah in the home of a Jerusalem family. Unearth layers of civilization at a hands-on archaeological dig. Share in a workshop with, a Sofer Stam, a scribe, learning the meaning of the ancient Hebrew letters.

Home Hospitality

Amazing opportunities to meet the people of Israel in their homes. Gather round the table at a multi-course gourmet meal prepared by the family at their home in northern Israel. Or celebrate Shabbat like never before, enjoying the special atmosphere around the table in a Jerusalem home. Meet the family, learn about the traditions, blessings, songs and ethnic foods as you share in an authentic Shabbat Dinner together.

Connecting to Israel

Make new connections and strengthen old ones. Meet out in the field with soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Force, the pride of Israel, and hear their personal stories. Contribute to the greening of Israel and leave your mark on the land by planting your own tree.

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