History & Art

Classical Meets Contemporary

Israel is a fascinating destination for history buffs and art lovers alike. Sites and museums abound throughout the country providing an opportunity to discover the ancient and the modern. Enrich your experience by meeting with TRAVEX Select experts and specialists.

Enjoy a taste of our enriching program enhancements:

Historical Architecture

Architecture in Israel spans millennia, bridging a diversity of history and design. Our local architect will lead you on this journey. Explore Tel Aviv’s White City with the largest number of Bauhaus structures in the world. Walk the streets of Jerusalem, comparing the wonders of the past with the marvels of the present and check out unique restoration projects working to connect the two.


Israel is a treasure trove of antiquities featuring excavated and well preserved archaeological sites as well as on-going digs with new finds from the past. Accompanied by our archaeology specialist, unearth layers of civilizations as you discover these ancient sites or even try your hand at digging and sifting through history.

Modern Israeli Art

Engage with Israeli art as a curator escorts you through their own gallery at the Israel Museum. Enjoy a visit to a private gallery exhibiting a collection of contemporary works. Survey the paintings of classical Israeli artists displayed in art museums throughout the country. Explore the underground art scene and meet emerging artists of today.

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